The Witcher Freya Allan (Ciri) Coat


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Product Attribute:

  • Cotton Material
  • Blue Color
  • Hooded Collar
  • Baggy Frock Cuffs
  • Full-length Sleeves
  • Waist Pockets

The Witcher Freya Allan (Ciri) Coat

The Witcher is a series of dramas that debuted on Netflix in December 2019 and centers on the deformed monster hunter Geralt who is attempting to find his identity in a society where people are frequently cruller than monsters. One of the main characters in this drama is Ciri, a stunning woman who is portrayed by the utterly stunning Freya Allan. Ciri, one of the program’s incredibly strong female characters, is wonderfully portrayed by the attractive and exceptionally gifted Freya Allan. Freya Allan also manages successfully showing off the show’s sassy fashion sense, which is obvious in this lovely The Witcher Ciri Outfit. Ciri frequently makes fashion statements for her followers, including wearing this elegant coat. With the addition of the viscose lining, the amazing cotton and polyester blend used to manufacture this The Witcher Ciri Coat results in the highest levels of warmth, comfort, and ease for you.

This long, loose-fitting outfit is a retro-but-refreshing shade of blue. It has covered collars, and lengthy baggy sleeves, an unfastened front with a brooch fastening, and embroidery that gives it a lovely finishing touch. The clothing, one of our more unusual items, is made of pure, premium-quality polyester material, and its internal viscose stitching ensures your wonderful comfort and increases the warmth it can provide. The Witcher Ciri Coat is a vintage piece of magnificent blue clothing with cozy hooded collars, sleeves that are long with wide cuffs, an embellished open front, and roomy waist pockets.


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