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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a slim-fit jacket and a regular jacket?

Ans. When compared to a standard fit, a slim-fit jacket is closer to your body and typically does not allow room for additional layers, making a t-shirt the only option for everyone. They are good for giving you a more streamlined image. Their shoulders, waist, and chest are narrower than those of a conventional jacket.

Q. Do every type of body can wear slim-fit jackets?

Ans. Mostly, the design follows smart bodies because of its closer features to the body, but, all types of body shapes can enjoy now as the designs are available in every size even we offer customized sizes too.

Q. How do I style a slim fit jacket?  

Ans. Slim-fit jackets offer a modern and stylish appearance that complements a variety of outfits. With tailored pants, a dress shirt, and dress shoes, you can dress it up for a formal occasion. For a more relaxed appearance, pair it with dark denim, a fitted t-shirt, and sneakers.

Q. What are the options I have in materials for a slim-fit jacket?

Ans. There are so many options in leather that work for slim fit style, sheepskin, cowhide, suede and faux leather, these all provide comfort, durability and toughness. Before buying your slim fit jacket, check the seasonal requirements of your city.

Q. Can slim-fit jackets be altered?

Ans. Yes, a slim-fit jacket can be modified according to your personal measurements. However, there isn't enough room to turn a medium into a big. However, if the shoulders are too tight or the chests don't seem to fit well, this can be slightly tweaked by professionals. Not every tailor is capable of stitching a slim-fitting jacket.

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