Pokemon Go Trainer Letterman Jacket


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Product Attribute:

  • Fleece Material
  • Front Buttoned Closure
  • Rib Knitted Cuffs, Collar And Hemline
  • Full-length Sleeves
  • Front Pockets

Pokemon Go Trainer Letterman Jacket

Pokémon Go is a popular augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic in collaboration with The Pokémon Company. In the game, players can catch virtual Pokémon in real-world locations using their smartphones.The Trainer Letterman Jacket is a merchandise item inspired by Pokémon Go. It is a jacket designed to resemble the jackets worn by trainers in the game.

The Pokémon Go Trainer Letterman Jacket features top-quality cotton fabric for a comfortable and durable wear. The external material is crafted with care, ensuring a jacket that can withstand regular use. The front of the jacket is designed with a buttoned closure, allowing for easy wearing and removal. This feature adds a classic touch to the overall design while providing practicality. To enhance both style and comfort, the jacket is equipped with a rib-knitted collar. This collar not only adds a fashionable element to the jacket but also helps to keep the neck area warm during cooler weather. The sleeves of the Trainer Letterman Jacket are full length, providing ample coverage and protection. This design feature ensures that the wearer remains cozy and shielded from the elements.

For a snug fit and added insulation, the cuffs of the jacket are rib-knitted. The rib-knitted cuffs not only offer a secure and comfortable fit around the wrists but also help to retain heat, making this jacket suitable for various weather conditions.


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