The Flash S06 Daniel Panabaker (Killer Frost) Coat


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  • Choice Of Faux & Real Leather Material
  • Blue Color
  • Separate Sleeves
  • Hidden Zipper Closure
  • Standup Style Collar

The Flash S06 Daniel Panabaker (Killer Frost) Coat

Unleash your inner villain with The Flash S6 Killer Frost Coat. Modeled after the infamous anti-heroine, Caitlin Snow’s transformation into Killer Frost, this coat exudes an enigmatic and icy charm that sets it apart as a unique fashion statement. Crafted from high-quality wool material, this coat offers both warmth and durability, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. The vivid blue color mirrors Killer Frost’s icy persona, ensuring you’ll command attention wherever you go. What makes this coat truly special is the choice between faux and real leather material for the sleeves, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences and style. The separate sleeves create a distinctive look while the hidden zipper closure adds a sleek touch. The standup style collar completes the ensemble, embodying Killer Frost’s fierce and mysterious aura.

This coat is perfect for those who appreciate powerful, edgy fashion and want to channel their inner anti-heroine. Whether you’re cosplaying as Killer Frost or seeking a bold statement piece, The Flash Daniel Panabaker Coat is your go-to choice. It’s time to embrace the chill and add a touch of villainy to your wardrobe.


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