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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best materials for men’s jackets and coats?

Ans. There are so many materials, that can be useful and best according to weather, but leather is the most reliable source because it is durable and provide stylishness. However, denim, wool, nylon, and polyester are also typical fabrics for men's coats and jackets.

Q. How do I pick the proper size for a men's coat or jacket?

Ans. We always advise using the size chart provided; it's the best way to ensure a proper fit. Take the chest, shoulder, sleeve, and length measurements, leaving the room as needed. If you want precise parameters for your body form, choose customization.

Q. Any particular aspects to keep in mind, before buying men’s coats and jackets? Required suggestions?

Ans. Particular aspects depend on what your taste and significant style in jackets and coats, however, for quality, check corners for fine stitching and the zippers for branded materials. The existence of waist belts, zippered cuffs, and buttons can be a major issue if do not work properly. So, check thoroughly!

Q. What are the popular categories in men’s coats and jackets?

Ans. The most popular styles are the blazer for a professional setting, the bomber for a more laid-back look, the biker for more daring excursions, and the vintage for a more traditional feel. Trench coats, wool jackets, and cotton varsity jackets are other fashionable options that are also practical. Never limit yourself to just one or two categories; instead, study them all and take in the true essence of style.

Q. What is the best way to take care of my men’s coats and jackets?

Ans. Depending on the materials, most fabrics require dry cleaning, but if you store the jacket in a dry location with a wooden hanger and a suitable organizer, you can continue to wear this essential piece of clothing for many years. The jacket usually comes with a label that contains washing and care instructions. Follow their instructions and wipe stains clean with a wet cloth.

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